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2009 Photography Project – 52 Weeks: My surrounding neighborhoods

Near the end of 2008, I started to think about my photography project for 2009. Justin Korn basically wrote the same thing, wanting to collaborate with others.

We’ve chosen a theme:

For 2009, we came to the conclusion that we would discover and photograph our surrounding neighborhood(s). So, without further ado, I introduce to you the Photography Project for 2009 – 52 Weeks: My Surrounding Neighborhood(s).

My specific goals for the project will be to visit one neighborhood within San Francisco for 4 weeks straight. At the end of the 52 weeks, I will have published 4 images of 13 different San Francisco neighborhoods. Ideally each image will represent the neighborhood I am shooting, however the image can be of any subject within the specific neighborhood with no specific guidelines.

You can follow those involved with the project and I encourage anyone who is interested to join in as well via Tumblr and/or Flickr.

I’ll be around Los Angeles. If you’d like to join in, sign up!

Update 1/29/2009: I’m not going to revisit each neighborhood four weeks straight. (Example: If I go to Santa Monica one week, I’m not forcing myself to drive out there the following three weeks in a row.)

Looking back at 2008

Our band went from Phantom Scream to The Scarlet Paradigm by losing our singer, then finding a new one through Craigslist.

I’ve made lots of photography friends through Twitter, Flickr (specifically the Los Angeles group) and (where it basically started at the end of last year).

I feel way more confident with my photography. Taking photos every day for the whole year helped immensely. Although it’s nothing to write home about, I’ve been able to monetize a little[1. Of course, that's the definition of an amateur.].

Wicked year, right? :)


In a more detailed list format:


The band

Update 1/4/2009: Cody told me that I forgot to include going to Las Vegas just to take photos. My bad!