A few things about Bryan Villarin

Photo by Steve M. Blythe.
Photo by Steve M. Blythe.

I married the love of my life, who I met a few years ago through Twitter and Flickr, and I’m excited to spend the rest of my life with her.

My day job is being a Happiness Engineer with Automattic, with my primary focus on helping people at WordPress.com.

I’m also passionate about photography, WordPress.org / WordPress.com, and productivity.

I write about whatever comes to mind, hopefully not drowning in a sea of terse Twitter updates and “look at me!” blog posts. If I know a couple dozen people get something out of this, it’s worth my time.

I do have the Twitter username, @bryan. No, I will not give/sell it to you, especially because it’s against their terms of service.

I love photowalking, especially street photography. I love landscapes, too.

I also love to read. I subscribe to various sites and blogs via RSS, with select longer items saved to Instapaper for synchronizing to my Kindle 3G and iPhone.

About the name

I’m a fan of the cartoon television series, Pinky and the Brain. Pinky has a few verbal tics, and one of them is “Narf!”.

That’s all. :)

For awhile, this was the header of my blog (uncropped):