Bryan Villarin

December 20, 2014

Watching Home Alone and Home Alone 2 with Nick Hamze1, Amy, and myself. Cheers, man! :)

  1. He’s at home in South Dakota, not with us here in California. Heh. 
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Rdio playlists without lyrics

My colleague, Dennis Hong, posted about his music preference while working: Add Some Urgency to Your Daily Workflow. Movie soundtracks are cool, and I wanted to share a couple Rdio playlists or stations — generally without words — that I’ve used for awhile.

Ambient by Timmii is:

Pertaining to or noting sounds that create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Concentrate by Trent Walton and 33 collaborators are:

Songs with few or no words. Maybe not too many songs from any one artist.

Occasionally, I’ll listen to the Rdio Baroque station.

Leaving Zenfolio, so buy prints, please and thank you

After writing a list of pros and cons, I’m canceling my Zenfolio account on November 10th, 2014. If you’re interested, please browse through the albums on my Zenfolio site, Bryan Villarin Photography, which include:

  • Street photography (221 photos)
  • Fine art (293 photos)
  • Concert photography (107 photos)
  • Mostly portraits (150 photos)
  • Weddings (66 photos)

If you’d like to order prints from the first two albums, to be safe, please do that before November 6th. After that, I’ll take them offline until further notice.


For posterity, here’s my list for staying with Zenfolio, or canceling my account.


  • I spent time organizing the albums.
  • I have a dedicated domain (
  • I used images hosted from them on my blog. It would be a pain to download the originals, then reinsert into the post.


  • It hasn’t been updated since late 2010. No longer a worthwhile investment for me.
  • I’m not actively selling photos. If needed, I can manage rare print requests on my own without the $140/year overhead.
  • I’m not publishing new photos regularly.
  • I can more easily manage albums on a WordPress–based site. It was a bit unwieldy to add images to a gallery, but Media Library has improved. Now we can click a gallery and add more photos without having to add item IDs.

I’m considering downloading the originals with Zenfolio Downloader, even though I’m 99% sure I have the originals on my Drobo.

I’d hate to see broken images in posts using images hosted on Zenfolio, and I was also considering just marking the 233 (and possibly 14 more) items on this blog as a draft using Bulk Edit.1 But, I think I know a person who can help back fill images or something. :)

If I can download those albums into organized folders, it won’t take long to upload them into a gallery on a page.2 That could solve my question as to where to point the domain after I cancel my Zenfolio account. I can visualize this, folks. :star:

  1. I also have 27 items on I’m not sure why I keep it alive. 
  2. On the other hand, the export option I chose for the current images are too high for being displayed online, so I could stand to export smaller resolution images. 
My desk and inbox zero

Physical inbox zero!

Last week, I attempted a weekly review, but failed to get past clearing my inbox. I probably got into a few rabbit holes, because it seemed like I barely made a dent.

I woke up around yesterday 5:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I decided to work through my towering physical inbox one item at a time. It started off slightly taller than my iPhone 5S (4.87 inches), and hasn’t been empty in years.

This time, I kept the GTD workflow diagram by David Allen in front of me. The diagram kept me grounded, rather than taking action on items that would take longer than two minutes.

Two hours later: empty.1

I feel amazing, and look forward to progress in my next weekly review.

  1. I zero my email inboxes daily, too.